This Man Eric Pulier: What You Need to Know about Him

Techpreneur, philanthropist, public speaker, author, and founder of numerous companies is what can be used to describe Eric Pulier. He is recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs as well as an eloquent public speaker sought after to speak in technology related conferences.

About Eric Pulier

Born in New Jersey Pulier was an intelligent child from his early childhood. He knew how to do programming from as early as fourth grade, and by the time he was done with high school in 1984, he had an already established database computer company. He then went to Harvard University where he was an editor for the Harvard Crimson and graduated in 1988.

Work Life

Eric Pulier is founder and co-founder of over 15 companies. Some of his companies include SOA Software Company Inc., Desktone, Akana, US Interactive, Digital Evolution, US interactive, amongst others. He has also worked actively with the government in the past. He was instrumental in the Bill Clinton and Al Gore administration where he ran and designed the “Bridge to the 21st Century” which was showcased in the 2nd Inauguration of the two. This model exhibited how technology would affect sectors like healthcare, education, environment, government space exploration among-st others.


Famous for his philanthropy, Eric Pulier has been actively involved in various charities especially ones that include technology to bring solutions to disadvantaged children and environments globally.

Eric’s love for children especially the needy children is evident when he donated capital for the foundation of the Starbright Foundation. This is a charity that seeks to provide a virtual interaction for children with chronic diseases. This program is a pioneer creation of the first online environment created for children with chronic diseases.

Eric Pulier has also invested a lot of money and time in the establishment of Painted Turtle a summer camp that is meant for children with special needs also to enjoy camping activities and spending time with little kids.

Published Works

Understanding Enterprise SOA is one of the publications Eric Pulier has authored and is a big seller because of its ease of readability and relevant information. Eric Pulier impressive resume and reputation apparently makes this young father of four a figure to reckon with and a positive person to emulate and contact him.