UK-Israeli Trade Reached ‘Golden Era’ Under Resigning Ambassador Daniel Taub

During the four years that ambassador Daniel Taub served, UK-Israeli trade doubled. The Israeli Embassy in the United Kingdom announced that Taub would resign in June 2015. The announcement stated that there was a deepening of academic, business, and cultural links between the UK and Israel over the last four years.


Early in June, Sajid Javid, British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills spoke to an audience at the British Israeli Business Awards that trade between the two countries had entered a “golden era.” It is evidenced by the over 300 Israeli businesses that now operate in the UK, representing over $5.5 billion in annual bilateral trade. Javid said the figure is closer to $7 billion.


Daniel Taub was born in the UK and became Israeli ambassador in 2011. In his quest for understanding, he once traveled to Northern Ireland with his Palestinian counterpart to learn more about the situation.


In 2012, during an interview with the Jewish Chronicle, Taub stated that he was concerned about the atmosphere on some college campuses that suppressed free expression supporting all sides of the conflict. The interview took place before Britan’s largest student union voted to boycott Israel.


Daniel Taub also boldly visited the city of Bradford after MP, George Galloway, stated it was an “Israel-free zone.” Taub sought to open communication and stated, “Bradford encourages dialogue and I believe in that too, that is why I have come.”


The ambassador was born in Israel in 1962 and was educated at University College in Oxford and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. In 1989, he moved to Israel and served in the military as a medic and as an international lawyer.


Taub writes about Israel and the Middle East and has posted articles in publications such as the Daily Telegraph, The Times, the Guardian and the Huffington Post.


He is also the creator and scriptwriter for HeChatzer, an Israeli drama series, that challenges stereotypes on the secular and the religious in Israel. He was formerly a speechwriter for Israeli President Chaim Herzog. Learn more:


Daniel Taub’s successor has not been announced yet.




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