Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a finance professional based in Philadelphia. Having almost 15 years of experience, he is well known for his strategic prowess. Unlike many finance professionals, Kevin puts his expertise to use by improving the lives of countless communities.

He is Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation. Kevin is currently also a chief operating officer in the Philadelphia area.


Kevin received his MBA from Almeda University in 2006. B His career took off when he was appointed to be the Vice President of Operations and Human Capital at Tito Construction. Since then, Kevin has worked as a chief operating officer in a vast array of environments throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Honors and Awards:

Believing in the importance and power of continuing education, Kevin recently studied executive leadership at the University of Notre Dame.

In fact, Notre Dame cited Kevin as a success, inspiring other students to follow in his path. Notre Dame and Kevin continue to have a positive and wonderful rapport. Kevin was also awarded the Met Life Bridges to the Future award.

More Tidbits :

In addition to a career of improving communities, Kevin Seawright volunteers as a basketball coach. Family is very important to Kevin, and he strives to make his community better for the greater good, and his family. Kevin’s talents have also extended to campaigning; he was a campaign manager at KLS Political Services.

Some of his other skills include marketing, building rapport, networking and recruiting.

Connect with Kevin:

Having an active social media presence, you can find Kevin on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also find him on His posts are inspiring, thought provoking, and educational! Read more:

Kevin Seawright is an example of what every professional should be. He creates possibilities where there were none before. It’ll be exciting to see what Kevin does next!

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