Cancer Treatment Centers of America- Partnering with Allscripts and NantHealth

Collaborating of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) with NantHealth and Allscripts will enable oncologists to identify proof-based treatment regimens for patients via the first-of-its-type integration of Allscripts Sunrise and eviti platforms. The custom technical solution (seamless integration of the clinical method) will assist in highlights of the cancer treatment without interfering with the clinical workflow of the physician. It is worth mentioning that the clinical operating system (NantOS) direct interface was established by bringing together various oncologists across the USA and holding a comprehensive gathering of existing cancer care information.

The CTCA Managing Director and Chief Medical Officer, George Daneker said that the clinical pathway is a representation of the entire recommendable treatment options. Likewise, it will be used in eliminating potential guess work by physicians by routine inundating of oncology research and new data. Dr. Daneker added that the ecosystem of treatment options was built and customized to the CTCA standard to help patients review and get safe and efficient solutions. The system is established with patients in mind- Clinical Pathway brings together the latest cancer research, complementary therapies, and treatment regimens. It, more so, brings a higher transparency around care delivery and therapeutic selection.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a national network of five hospitals serving cancer patients and which is based in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. CTCA utilizes a comprehensive method to offering cancer care, which entails conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, and surgery to treat cancer. The institution also provides integrative therapies to assist in managing side effects like nausea, pain, lymphedema, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and malnutrition.

The five hospitals in the CTCA network are situated in major metropolitans, such as Philadelphia, Oklahoma, Atlanta, Illinois, Phoenix, Pennsylvania, Tulsa, Georgia, Chicago, and Arizona. Each of the state-of-the-art cancer centers is served by cancer professionals who apply advanced treatments and leading-edge technologies in delivering personalized care.

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Richard Blair: Building Wealth One Client at a Time

To say that Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has been impacted by teachers would be an understatement. More like inspired by the teachers in his life. He was able to witness firsthand the strong impact that passionate teachers can have on their students. His mother, grandmother, and wife have all been teachers. Blair has married his respect and honor for teachers with his own passion for finance. He founded his own firm, Wealth Solutions, in 1994 shortly after he graduated from college. He enjoys teaching his clients how to achieve their financial goals and serving the local community in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.Learn more :

Wealth Solutions helps their clients on the road to financial security by focusing on wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. They provide customized plans and services to each client’s unique circumstances. To accomplish this Blair is certified in several key financial areas: Annuities, Estate and Trust, Mutual Funds, Income, and Taxes.

Blair then implements what he calls the three pillars. The first pillar is the financial planning phase. This involves developing a road map for the client by identifying goals, determining the client’s tolerance for risk and selecting the right investments for the client’s time frame. The second pillar is where a long-term strategy is developed. Blair actively evaluates and manages investment vehicles to maximize returns during good market conditions, while helping minimize risk during market downturns. The third pillar is ascertaining the client’s particular needs for insurance. Some options include long-term care insurance, life insurance, and annuities.Learn more :

Blair has extensive experience in helping clients implement wealth management strategies. Chief among these is maintaining the right level of diversification for each individual client. With more than twenty years of experience, Blair excels at this crucial component of wealth management. He especially emphasizes collaboration with clients and considers the relationship a partnership. He has a thorough understanding of each client’s goals and always designs a suitable plan.

Retirement planning is another core function of Wealth Solutions. Blair has deep knowledge of rules and regulations regarding 401K accounts and complicated government regulations governing retirement savings. His knowledge of Social Security helps his clients determine the optimal time to start drawing benefits. With his knowledge of the tax code, Blair has the ability to help clients minimize tax burdens in retirement.

Finally, Richard Blair is continually learning and keeping his extensive credentials up to date. He’s an independent financial advisor which allows him to be fully impartial. This gives customers access to a full range of products and services.Learn more :


Eric Lefkofsky Uses Tempus to Produce Molecular Data for Breast Cancer Treatment

EricLefkofsky is the founder of Tempus, a company that works round the clock to provide physicians with relevant and updated information on cancer treatment, therapies and advanced technology. Recently, Lefkofsky announced his interest in assisting the Chicago University of Medicine with fighting breast cancer. The announcement came in at a crucial time when the University of Chicago had a drawback due to limited data provided to the physicians.


The entry of Tempus in the field would aid in the provision of molecular and sequencing data for breast cancer analysis and treatment. The partnership would also help with personalizing breast cancer treatment in patients. Tempus stated that it would analyze all data from approximately 1,000 patients who have breast cancer. The research will assist in determining the right treatment for patients. With this research, it will be easy for physicians and researchers to explore patterns that can help in predicting the response of patients in treatment. The objective of the partnership is coming up with important data reports to help in providing treatment.


While giving a speech of appreciation, Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade of the University of Chicago said that although breast cancer tops the list of the most aggressive cancers in the world, there is little accessible data for the millions of patients. Olufunmilayo also said that the limited information provided on breast cancer is not enough to provide definitive treatments. The limiting information also leads physicians to make decisions on treatment without highly specified genetic information. This information always helps in coming up with better-targeted treatment solutions. Dr. Olufunmilayo said that his team was elated to be in partnership with Tempus and Eric on Facebook.


Tempus employs technology for genomic sequencing. This is done to help physicians make wise and valid treatment decisions. The objective of Tempus is coming up with personalized treatment solutions for patients. The company was established in 2015. It is headquartered in Chicago and more information click here.

Eric’s Profile

Eric Lefkofsky is an executive entrepreneur. He is the founder of Tempus Start-up. He has invested in businesses, and Groupon is one of them. Tempus is his current success story. The company uses technology to come up with patients’ personalized treatment.

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Securus Technologies Is Being Appreciated By Its Customers

I was happy to see the comments that come in from jail officials to Securus Technologies. These come through emails, formal letters and any other means possible. They all express their gratitude to Securus Technologies and their staff. This is for the help in solving cases so that the Facility can become a much safer place.


These letters speak how they are monitoring the phone calls. This way they are able to get information with regard to alcohol use by jail inmates, any drug selling or drug being used in the facility or possible access to a cellular device or exchange of cash. There are calls which give information about any threats or such other suspicious activity inside the prison. There can be references to any past incidents about shots being fired or some other criminal activity. I know of an incident in which a civilian admitted to selling prescription drugs on discount.


There are several correctional facilities that rely on such kind of technology solutions that are being offered by Securus Technologies. They appreciate that Securus Technologies is totally committed to revolutionizing such kind of incarceration environment. Hence they are progressively moving ahead in helping the jail officials to improve safety in their jurisdiction.


All, including me, are highly impressed with their vision. The assessment done by Securus Technologies is able to aid in developing emerging capabilities to enable investigations. Hence jail security improves still further. Such investigative tools and other capabilities can work together with the mindset of the jail officials and make the place better for inmates, their families, even parolees and the community as a whole.


Securus Technologies is also providing reporting data to enhance the proactive measures in any Facility. These can be monitored in order to deter any incidence of contraband in the facility.


The Heartache of the Struggle By Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt is someone who understands the struggle. One thing that could be said about a lot of people who hit hard times is that it is never anywhere close to what they expect it to be. One thing that is for certain is that a simple problem is often made complicated by many factors beyond the control of the person who is struggling. Among the things he has to face is the mentalities of people who look at the person who is struggling. Another thing is that the person has to find a way to get back to his feet.

One thing that could help the struggling is if someone sends the message to others about the people that are on hard times. Among the things that Doug Levitt is going to remind people with his book is that the people who are struggling are also human. Many of them have lives of their own and also have their own goals. Some people need a lot of assistance and care so that they can reach their goals. Others may need a lot of space so that they can reach their goals. There is no one system that is going to help everyone that is faced with hard times and more information click here.

Doug Levitt learns about the different individual issues that the struggling people are faced with as he writes his book. One thing that he learns is that each life is different from the others. While some people may have a lot of time on their hands so that they can get back on their feet, others are often faced with a hectic lifestyle from people who are opportunists. Doug’s book is eye opening and is going to change the perspectives of plenty of people when it comes to the hardships that different people face.

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Building Your Online Reputation: A Beginner’s Guide

Nowadays nearly everything the corporate work is digitized. As the days go by, more businesses are embracing new technology. To keep up with evolving trends, it is obligatory that business, no matter how small – adopt this technology advancement. So how do you build a positive online reputation?

  1. Creating Unique Content

The best and most efficient way of becoming a household name is creating content that appeals to the target audience. While it is virtually impossible to come up with an entirely original idea, one can borrow an idea and twist it in such a way that it looks unique. In recent times, catchy one-liners, which were a thing in the past, have proven insufficient in procuring new clients. To attract paying customers, businesses are expected to put in a load of effort.

Among the many techniques used in content creation, blogging has proven to be the most effective. Besides being informative to clients, blogs are search engine’s favorites. One an enterprise carves out the desired niche and creates a website on it, it is easier for prospective customers to access since search engine results are tailored to find the most relevant sites on the subjects of search. Therefore, companies are encouraged to write blogs that offer an in-depth understanding of their products, as a shallow content is likely to lower reputation considerably.

  1. Social Media Activity

Having social media presence is one thing, but being active on the platforms is another. Many institutions have embraced this strategy, so to stand out, one will have to be not only consistent but also maintain a close interaction with their followers. Most establishments shy off from being close to clients on social platforms, primarily because of the pressure to uphold a corporate image. However, going the extra mile and being ‘normal’ may enhance online reputation substantially.

The concept behind social media is to covers over digital platforms. While it is paramount for corporate institutions to remain professional, too much formality removes the social aspect for which the platforms were intended.

  1. Online Feedback

It may seem immaterial, but online reviews are core to the online reputation status of any venture. Before transacting any business online, a majority of consumers often scan through reviews by their colleagues. If positive, the clients may be inclined to purchase the products. The converse is equally true, as negative feedback discourage customers from buying a product.