Using Every Means Necessary to Fight Oppression is What Thor Halvorssen Does

Whenever the truth about speech suppression and terrible human suffering must be made known, you can bet the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) will be one of the groups involved with spreading the word whether that means sending video tapes through airmail or using good old-fashioned smoke signals. Human Rights Foundation has been inspiring people to defy cease and desist orders and tell the world what dictators and their surrogates have been doing in lands like Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Russia. At the helm of the HRF is Thor Halvorssen, a young man who saw a lot of suffering growing up including in his own family and decided to take it on through using modern ideas and artistic methods.

Halvorssen is someone that you probably will never figure out with his political views being almost as unusual as his heritage. He is both Norwegian and Venezeulan, the grandson of a man who smuggled contraband during Nazi control of Norway in WWII, and the son of a man who gave Hugo Chavez’s regime problems during its occupation of Venezuela. Halvorssen really considers himself to be neither liberal nor conservative, though while he has condemned various forms of communism and socialism he actually supported the campaign of socialist candidate Bernie Sanders. Yet he has led efforts to expose communist suppression in nations like Cuba and China and read full article.

One of Halvorssen’s earliest efforts to lead human rights protests happened back in 1989 when he met up with a group of students in South Africa who were against the apartheid. More recent adventures include a time that he traveled to Vietnam to find out how authorities had silenced a Buddhist priest and his followers while a cameraman smuggled the tape out. Just a couple years ago he and a North Korean dissident sent DVDs and computer files across the border from South Korea to a group of citizens pretending to harvest crops. The HRF awards prizes to various individuals at its Oslo Freedom Forum, a place that’s like a secret meeting where people are given the opportunity to explain how they defied tyranny and discuss how they can change their countries and learn more about Thor.