Omar Boraie Is A Highly Successful Developer

The US is full of developers who are spending a lot of money in building luxury apartments all around the country in truly exclusive locations. But there are very few developers who work in this area as well as in the community too. One of these is Omar Boraie. He is a leading businessman in the real estate sector. He is a successful entrepreneur. In addition, he can be considered as a passionate philanthropist. Today he is the Vice President of Boraie Development, a company that he founded. According to NJ Biz, this company has truly transformed the landscape of New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie belongs to Egypt. He came to New Brunswick with big plans that surprised the people here. He wanted to build modern buildings, besides community houses too. He wanted to build posh, luxurious apartments over here in this area. In the beginning it surprised everyone. This is because his plans were too ambitious. Besides, this was a dying neighborhood. But it was Omar Boraie who was able to envision the future much before others could. He started his company called Boraie Development. Along with his team of professionals, a number of projects were initiated. These could change the landscape of New Brunswick ( completely. A few of these projects were The Aspire, besides the Albany Street Plaza, along with Rector Street. In addition to the horizon of the city, this company managed to change the entire community here in New Brunswick. They have not stopped here. Besides New Brunswick, now Omar Boraie has initiated a number of projects in Newark as well as Atlantic City.

This is why he is being regarded by NJ Biz as a highly successful developer in the city of New Brunswick. But Omar Boraie is not resting on his laurels. He is a leading philanthropist of this area. Omar Boraie is completely involved with several social causes. He is on the Board of Trustees for the State Theater that is located in New Brunswick. He along with his company, Boraie Development is a sponsor of this highly prestigious institution. They have been involved in arranging a large number of events during the summer months. Omar Boraie is on the advisory board of Elijah’s Promise. This is a non-profit organization. It is involved in serving the community. It is doing this by providing free meals to the hungry. Hence, the company believes in using food as a tool in order to transform the community.

All this indicates the strong beliefs of Omar Boraie. He is of the opinion that community development is an essential pre-requisite for developing a property. Hence all developers have to come forward in order to advance all these communities.

When Omar Boraie came to the city for the first time, hardly anyone walked on the streets during the night. This is because nobody was there to walk. There were just a few dilapidated houses around. He bought these houses one by one. Then he started building them one by one. People laughed at him. But Omar Boraie was determined. The results are there for all to see.

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