George Soros – The Man Who Earned His First Million and Began Changing the World

George Soros is one of the most famous investors in the world, and is also on the list of the richest and most influential billionaires in the world, according to Forbes’ billionaire list, one of the most reliable sources of information when it comes to the richest people alive.

Being one of the most generous people around the world, George Soros is a very influential person when it comes to his acquisition power and the monetary condition to change the world around him. Being a philanthropist, magnate and having been born in a Jewish family, George Soros does precisely that: He turns the world with his money and influence, and that has many times saved the lives of countless people and communities and what George Soros knows.

George Soros has his own institutions that utilize his money to fund charitable and honorable causes while George Soros is investing and earning more capital. These facilities are called “Open Society Foundations, ” and they have the sole purpose of funding other organizations that have noble goals and need support from philanthropical personalities such as George Soros himself and read full article.

Being known as the “man who broke the bank of England” and one of the billionaires who earned their first million the earliest in their lives, Soros has quite a reputation as the man who understands about investing like no one else. George Soros is, today, one of the few people alive who can multiply his earnings because of his keen eyesight to spot a profitable investment opportunity.

George Soros is not only a philanthropical magnate and billionaire, but he is also a very present person in the political system of many countries around the world, including the United States. The rich man is continuously trying to use his influence to combat people with vile intentions from climbing to power as well as raising awareness of the importance of freedom of speech and expression and learn more about George Soros. Many times has George Soros changed the course of a political dispute because of his support for the other side as well as his speech on the importance of the cultural diversity and acceptance. Being born a Jew who experienced for himself the horrors of the Nazi army, his intentions in promoting a world full of peace and acceptance date back to the memories that he has from his childhood, that got ruined by Adolf Hitler and his disgust for Jewish communities and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros’ influence in politics can be noticed by looking back to the presidential dispute of Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump, an event where Soros supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign against Trump. The main reason for his support for Hillary, according to the billionaire himself and confirmed by his associate, is that he feared Trump’s lack of consideration for freedom of speech and expression and an arrogance that could be compared to Hitler’s and Follow his

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OCC Emerges Posistion Nine in the 2017’s American Collegiate Rowing Association Regatta

Orange Coast College (OCC) men’s crew, is christened the “Giant Killer.” The men’s team currently coached by Cameron Brown and his assistant, Steve Morris, has been giving the 4-year universities a run their money. The community college’s men’s crew has been in existence almost as much as the 70-year-old college. With many years of existence comes experience. Over the years, the OCC men’s rowing team has made the Orange County community college proud with over 11 national titles. And the community college has vowed to support the team with the necessary training equipment. Learn more:

In May 2017, the men’s crew training sessions were in high gear as the team prepared for the American Collegiate Rowing Association Regatta. Under the guidance of the knowledgeable Ass. Coach Morris (who is an alumnus of the institution and a former member of the men’s crew), the team trained on Newport Bay in Newport Beach for almost every day of the week starting as early as 6:30 AM. Training sessions are exemplified by physical labor that leaves students panting, sweating, and with hurting muscles. Some students who sign up for the water sport at the beginning of the school year give into the rigorous demands of the sport. Learn more:

The 2017’s American Collegiate Rowing Association Regatta occurred on May 26 and May 27. The competitions involved boats covering 2,000 meters in six or fewer minutes (the shorter the time taken, the better). In the matches that occurred in Gainesville, GA, Orange Coast emerged position nine in “Time Trials” having utilized 5:50.40 to cover the required distance. The performance by the community college was astounding given the fact that they were up against elite teams from across the U.S. As the team prepares for the same competition next year, the students and the trainers stay focused to perform even better.

Many OCC’s students have benefited from the water sport. Just last year, a student was awarded a rowing scholarship to Boston University. The trend has been common with students joining UC Berkeley, University of Washington, Stanford, etc. as a result of the sport. OCC will continue investing in modern facilities such as boats to make the sport even better.

Amicus Therapeutics Take Pride And Shows Passion In Inventive New Therapies

Amicus Therapeutics is dedicated to the field of biotechnology. Their global operations have given them the ability to use advanced therapies in the treatment of diseases that have caused devastation. They are constantly filling their pipeline with new treatments so genetic diseases can eventually be cured. Their passion to the field combined with hard work has already begun to make a difference.


Amicus Therapeutics has a product they call migalastat which is currently their top candidate. The product is based on an individuals genetics and designed for the treatment of Fabry disease. An additional product called SD-101 is in the final stages of development and may be the first product of its class to arrive on the market. The product is designed to combat Epidermolysis Bullosa. This condition is a rare disorder of the connective tissues and it is genetic. Amicus Therapeutics uses a combination of therapies to formulate products for numerous diseases.


The year was 2005 when the Amicus employees gathered with the intention of creating a statement that would encompass their critical values. This statement would always be a reminder of why they were there and what they wanted to accomplish. The beliefs, commitment, and passions of these individuals are the reflection of Amicus. Their standards are incredibly high, their natures bold, and their work driven.


Amicus believes in fighting to find the therapies necessary to combat rare diseases. They believe the people suffering from these diseases deserve nothing less than therapies of the highest possible quality and will always give their full support to these individuals and their families (WeeklyOpinion). The individuals who are the heart of Amicus are filled with passion about their careers and believe innovation must be encouraged and embraced. They take their duty to advance their technologies very seriously and take ideas as far as they can go as quickly as they can get there. The risks they take are intelligent and they work incredibly hard. Amicus is not afraid of asking the difficult questions and will not let themselves be restricted by outdated thinking. Amicus has learned from the mistakes they have made and takes pride in thinking differently.


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Osteo Relief Institute Provides an Alternative to Surgery for Arthritis

Osteo Relief Institute has focused programs for treating osteoarthritis and giving their patients some hope regarding the debilitating disease. Arthritis itself is not a single disease but actually, refers to joint pain. Additionally, there are more than 100 forms of the disease and it affects a shocking amount of people. It is estimated that 50 million people in the United States have some form of the disease.

Arthritis happens to be the most prevalent type of disability in the nation and women are especially at risk. Age is certainly a contributing factor and one’s risk increases exponentially with their age. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of the disease and is exactly what Osteo Relief Institute specializes in. It is a degenerative joint disease that is characterized by one’s cartilage wasting away (HealthGrades). Cartilage is considered to be a soft tissue and when it’s missing bone rubs against bone causing chronic pain and suffering. Pain, swelling, and stiffness are the main symptoms and treatment programs vary.

Self-management is critical for patients who are diagnosed with osteoarthritis and Osteo Relief Institue is able to develop a solid plan of action for each individual case. This can help slow the progression of the disease and reduce the extent of it as well. A patient’s quality of life can be protected and sometimes improved.

There are three categories of activities that can help patients and they are the daily routine, exercise, and medical options. Gentle exercise before bed and regularly changing one’s position fall under the purview of the daily routine. Exercise can be quite helpful in maintaining mobility and even managing pain. It’s important to move every day. Medical options include medications, physical therapy, and possibly surgery.

Osteo Relief Institute takes on arthritis with board certified physicians and physical therapists working together. They are geared toward helping patients avoid the rigors of surgery. They use FDA approved therapies and are focused on safety and effectiveness. The most advanced technology is used and patients are treated like family.

Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore is focused on osteoarthritis of the knee. They believe that every patient deserves to try every option in an effort to avoid invasive surgery. They have achieved a high rate of success when combining several procedures.


Securus Technologies for Justice Tech Solutions

Securus Technologies is a for-profit American Prison Technology Firm that is based in Texas. It was founded in 1986 and it has regional offices in Atlanta Georgia, Allen, Texas, and Carrolton. Securus has 1000 workers and it has contracts with over 2500 correctional facilities across the America states. The company also serves over 2200 such facilities in Canada and America. In 2016, the company announced that it had invested over $600million in technologies, acquisitions, and patents in a span of 3 years.

Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Atlanta Georgia. Albeit it serves in several states, its largest and central communication is based in Atlanta. Securus Technologies is rated as the largest provider of detainee communication, government information, and parole tracking. The company further provides a leading edge civil and criminal justice technology that aids in improving the public safety. Moreover, the company modernizes the incarceration experience, making the convicts have a more profiting experience as they serve their terms.

Securus has several products, which allow them to control necessary information. Case in point, the company introduced a system that allows them to control contraband cell phones. By last year, Securus Technologies had the approval of more than five correctional centers. The company also partnered with Harris Corporation in July 2016 and the two merged their cell defender technologies. The management also announced the wireless containment solution which prevents contraband phones from connecting to the registered mobile networks in 2017.

The correctional facilities that use Securus Technologies services attest to the fact that the services are simple, safe, and secure. They also say that the company offers powerful technology solutions that are accessible at all times. The firm has hundreds of patents and it employs many engineers, thinkers, and designers to keep their operations relevant. They are all geared to offer top gear services in the field.


Learn How To Exploit Wall Street To Grow Your Wealth Quickly With Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an investing legend, author, former hedge fund manager, and winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition. He founded Capuchin Consulting in 2013. The company provides financial consulting services targeting professional investors. He is also the author and editor of numerous financial investment publications.

Some of his current subscriber publications include Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum distributed by Banyan Hill Publishing. Additionally, he also writes a weekly column for the Winning Investor Daily. The investment newsletters provide trading services, market research and analysis, and investment advisory.

Paul Mampilly has over twenty-five years’ experience on Wall Street. He has previously worked for successful financial companies such as Deutsche Bank and ING. He has also served various publications as author, editor, and analyst. These include The Professional Speculator, Common Sense Publishing, and Agora Financial. Capuchinomics, a publication he founded in 2003, focused its research on human emotion as the primary factor in investment decision making.

Paul Mampilly has also operated mutual funds for firms such as Sears, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Bankers Trust among others. He has an impressive personal investment record. It includes interests in biotechnology, healthcare, consumer goods and media. Some of his biggest winning stocks include names such as Cemex, Whole Foods, Ariad Pharmaceuticals, Sarepta Therapeutics, Netflix and Olympus Corporation among numerous others.

One of his most successful trading jobs was at Kinetics Asset Management. He worked as a senior portfolio manager overseeing $6 billion in mutual funds, hedge funds, and managed accounts. He quickly grew the portfolio into $25 billion. He quit his Wall Street career to focus on guiding people on ways to achieve success in the business.

His publications are well researched and targeted. He is adept at identifying companies whose stocks are headed up. Paul Mampilly empowers investors to maximize their returns from the stock markets. He uses his expertise and experiences to empower the average American to reap the benefits of Wall Street.

Paul Mampilly graduated from Montclair State University as well as the Fordham Gabelli School of Business. He is deeply involved in causes that support education, science, the youth as well as the arts. He has worked as a volunteer teacher and a food distribution volunteer for the Coalition for the Homeless in New York.

MB2 Dental Completes its Annual Recruitment Season

MB2 Dental has been mentoring dental students and providing them with all the information that they need to make an informed career decision. They hold an annual recruitment season in Texas and their 2016/2017 season came to a close on the April 2017.

MB2 Dental visited various schools in Texas during the season. But, they spent more time with the 3rd and 4th year students from the A&M Dentistry in Texas. Their primary goal was to provide the dental students with enough information about the dental career.

MB2 Company gave the students chance to connect with the doctors and specialists in the field. The team also focused on the services that they offer to their affiliated dental practices.

About MB2

MB2 Dental, founded in 2009 is a Company that was designed by dentists for the dentists. Most of the dentists experience challenges when it comes to the day to day running of their dental clinics. MB2 Dental was established to offer the dentists business solutions. Dr. Chris Stephen Villanueva is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Company. Dr. Chris has gained experience in both the white collar and sole practice businesses. Through his experience, Chris established the dental company.

Together with his management team, Dr. Chris has developed services that are suitable for dentists. The Company provides dentists with opportunities to connect with other dentists. Every year, the MB2 Dental hosts a retreat for all their affiliated clinics for the dentists to connect and share with others about their dental experiences and challenges.

MB2 Company has created opportunities for other people to join the Company. All the dental clinics that are interested in joining the MB2 Family can request for an assessment. The team will evaluate the clinics and their services before they can establish a partnership.

The services offered

MB2 Dental has offered tailor-made services that have benefited the practices. The services include:

Human resources:the human resource department helps the dentists to enhance employee management. The MB2 Dental team provides a wide range of services like talent acquisition, labor relations, employee development, and payroll services.

Procurement: MB2 Dental has partnered with supply companies that provide the dental clinics with all the supplies that are needed to run the clinics.

Recruitment services: Talent acquisition is important for the success of the Company. It is for that reason that the MB2 Dental has focused on providing the affiliated Companies with recruitment services. They search and choose the most suitable employee for the clinics.

Accounting and finance: the MB2 Dental helps the dentists to account and manage the accounting procedures. The Company also handles the tax returns required by the state.

Training: the employees and the leadership team go through a training program that helps to enhance the knowledge and skills in the dental industry.

Marketing services: MB2 Company works together with the dentists to develop a marketing strategy to market the services and products. It is through marketing that the clinics gain recognition in the market place.

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Jeremy Goldstein: The Process of Finding a Lawyer

New York residents are lucky to have organizations like the New York State Bar Association and the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS). For over a century, the New York State Bar Association has provided residents with all their legal needs.

Additionally, the LRIS offers numerous services to help residents find the right lawyer. Recently, the LRIS launched a more convenient way for New Yorkers to get the legal help they need. The LRIS’s new online portal promises to lower residents’ stress levels during their times of need.

The new online service offers more confidentiality and confidence. Unlike the phone service, which is only available during business hours, the online service is available 24 hours a day. Residents can be sure that every lawyer referred is qualified and in good standing the State Bar Association.

The first step to using the new online service is filling out a confidential questionnaire. The questionnaire details that resident’s legal issue and their personal information; primarily, where they live. After that, it’s as simple as waiting to get matched with a qualified attorney whose office is in the same or nearby their community.

Jeremy Goldstein is a well-accomplished New York attorney. After founding his boutique law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, he became a leading voice on executive compensation. He’s had many legal articles published about corporate governance and spoken at many conferences about executive compensation. He’s even been listed a top attorney by The Legal 500.

When Jeremy Goldstein isn’t working, he’s donating his time to local charities. He’s a member of the Make-AWish Foundation of Metro New York. He also sits on the Board of Fountain House, a charity that helps patients with mental illness.

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Bringing Life to Houses through Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan is the Chief Executive Officer of Richard Mishaan Design. Richard Mishaan, a Colombian by birth, attended the New York University and earned a BA. He also gained some knowledge and skills from the Colombia University of Architecture. Richard Mishaan started his career as an apprentice in Philip Johnson’s offices. He later quit to start the Richard Mishaan Design in February 1991. This is a firm that designs the interior parts of buildings and homes. Richard Mishaan Design has been operating for over 24 years specializing in creating unique and sleek designs for its clients. The best project done by Richard Mishaan Design is the house in Cartagena. The house is located in an area with a great history of the people of Columbia. In a bid to preserve the area’s cultural heritage, Richard Mishaan Design followed the necessary preservation codes.


For one, the rooms are arranged in a unique manner and do not resemble the original house, that was demolished, in any way. The layout throughout is simple and the pieces of furniture placed in every corner resemble in some way the luxury the colonials used to enjoy. An outstanding factor about this projects is that, Richard Mishaan Design put in place 500-year old Brazilian wood beams. Moreover, when you have a first glance at the doors, you will quickly realize the antiquity and great style they have. The floors are made of marble while the 24-feet high ceiling is filled with pieces of ivory and ebony all through.


Richard Mishaan is also the owner and founder of Homer Design. This is a store that deals with pieces especially furniture to decorate and put finishing touches on a house. The firm is located in New York City. Homer Design stocks a wide range of goods from Case goods, to seating and tables. Richard Mishaan has written the books “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern.” The books are aimed at helping people add a little glamor to their houses.


Kim Dao Shows Us How To Use Korean Makeup With EuniUnni

Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao is in South Korea yet again. In Kim’s vlog “Korea VLog: Korean Skincare Haul | Christmas Gift Ideas,” she gives her viewers the lowdown on Seoul’s makeup scene. This vlog features YouTubers Eunice (aka EuniUnni) and Sunnydahye. Learn more:


First, Kim Dao tells her viewers she’s in a Wishtrend studio in Seoul. She says the Wishtrend team wanted to meet with Kim Dao to talk about business and shoot a few videos. Before going to the meeting, Kim Dao says she ordered cornflakes and yogurt for breakfast at a nearby 7-11.


With the introduction out of the way, Kim Dao takes us on a tour of the Wishtrend studio. Kim says she has filmed videos here before and that she’s excited to be working for this company. Learn more:


In the next shot, Kim Dao and Eunice explain the fads in Korean makeup and the many products Wishtrend sells. Eunice tells Kim all about the proper steps to use various skin care products. A few of the products mentioned in this vlog include Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner and Klairs Rich Moist Soothing serum. Learn more:


After they’re done shooting the video, Kim Dao and Eunice head out to grab some lunch at an authentic Korean restaurant. A few of the food items Kim Dao films include noodles, sausages, and rice cakes.


Once lunch is over, Kim Dao hits the streets of Seoul with Sunnydahye to do some window-shopping. She first spots a cure Pokémon-themed makeup stand. Lastly, the two friends goes into the store called A’Pieu and test a bunch of makeup products. Learn more: